How fishing, and more specifically, partnering with professional angler Stephen Johnston, translates to corporate sponsorship is simple. Companies which Stephen works with, and their brands, are promoted to an ever growing population of fishing fans, guide clients, competitors, recreational anglers, tournament anglers, industry figures, and the general public.

Consider the facts below to see just how expansive the reach of the fishing industry is. Then consider the ways in which Stephen can promote your companyís brand(s) through Johnston Fishing.

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         44.2 million Americans ages 7 and older fish 2

         Fishing ranks as the 5th most popular participation sport in the nation 2

         26.8 percent of all anglers are female 2 (representing 8 percent of the U.S. female population). 1

         5 percent of all anglers are black (representing 7 percent of the black population). 1

         5 percent of all anglers are Hispanic (representing 7 percent of the Hispanic population). 1

         Bass fishing is the most popular type of fishing in the United States. 4

         19 percent of 25-to 34-year-olds fish, comprising 19 percent of all anglers. 1

         21 percent of 35-to 44-year-olds fish, comprising 27 percent of all anglers. 1

         17 percent of 45-to 54-year-olds fish, comprising 20 percent of all anglers. 1

         Total economic output generated by freshwater fishing in 2001 exceeded $74 billion, including the impact on retailers, suppliers of goods and services to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, plus the indirect and induced impacts resulting from these activities. Including saltwater fishing, economic output reached $116 billion. 3

         $2.02 billion was spent on fishing tackle in 2002. 2

         Sport fishing generated more than $1.9 billion in state sales taxes in 2001. 3



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In a typical year, Stephen comes into contact with countless numbers of people creating millions of consumer impressions for sponsor products. This is done through:


        Competitive Fishing - 400 competing anglers and co-anglers on average per tournament are encountered between registration, tournament meetings, boat launching, and weigh-ins. Sponsors and their products are promoted through jersey logos, word of mouth, sampling, demonstrations, and distribution of literature.

Many weigh-ins are video streamed live on the Internet with an average viewership numbering in the millions. Sponsors are promoted through on-stage interviews to this ever growing population of fans.


        Guide Trips - 600 guide clients on average per year are encountered between Stephen's personally handled guide trips and those booked through his business, Johnston's Guide Service, with contracted guides.


        Outdoor, Boat, and Sport Shows - Approximately six shows per year are participated in by Stephen. Shows range in attendance from 5,000 to 150,000 and geographically located across Texas and Louisiana.


        Media Features (Print, Radio, Television) - Features are performance and relationship driven. Stephen has been featured in and/or contributed to a variety of print, television, and radio media and strives to build media relations for future exposure.


        Seminars and Speaking Engagements - Stephen conducts seminars on behalf of sponsors to educate attendees about sponsor brands and products. He works with regional sales managers and dealers to set up and host these events.


        The Internet - www.JohnstonFishing.com works to promote both Stephen as a professional angler and his business, Johnstonís Guide Service, as well as to promote his sponsors and links out to their individual corporate websites.


        Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are used to maintain contact with the public and allows fans, clients, and sponsors an interactive way to communicate and learn more about happenings, tournament results, events, sponsor news etc.


         Mobile Marketing - Mobile Marketing gives sponsors exposure over the road and on the water through solutions as simple as a logo sticker, or a full vehicle, boat, or RV wrap. Thousands consumer impressions are made each year with an average of 18,000 highway miles driven annually.


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"Stephen  is second to none in abilities and one hard working angler. A real good fisherman who represents the industry well."

 - Lonny Stanley; Stanley Jigs


"Johnston is a versatile angler; talented enough to use his knowledge and take it to another level and even apply it to another species. That is special."

 - Stephen Browning; BASS Pro


"Stephen is a rare breed when it comes to obtaining the whole package needed to get it done for whoever he works for in the fishing industry. He gives his sponsors 110% of his efforts and time so that there is a measurable amount of success every time."

 - Trey Kistler; Kistler Rods


"Stephen Johnston has been very helpful with planning of television and editorial trips to Texas, thanks to his great knowledge of the waters and his very professional manner. In addition to his angling skills, heís great with people, and has been helpful in providing information about products from his sponsors."

 - Steve Quinn; Editor, "In-Fisherman"