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Ask anyone competing in fishing tournaments who they look out for and you'll consistently hear the name Stephen Johnston. And that isn't just on his East Texas home waters of Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. He is considered a threat on any body of water with proven performance as far away as Lake Amistad to the West, Kentucky/Barkley to the North, and the Gulf of Mexico to the South.

His talents stem from a lifetime of experience fishing in waters that range from rivers to reservoirs, shallow to deep, stump fields or thick grass. He has had to learn to work a range of techniques and lures that apply to all of these situations and can use them to his advantage in tournament situations.

Combine this talent with an outgoing, friendly personality and you've got a competitor who is not only respected, but well liked among his peers. He is an angler who is trusted as a knowledgeable and helpful person; one that other anglers turn to for advice and follow his lead.

He is a team player with proven success in the highly aggressive team circuits that are part of the East Texas fishing legacy. (No other place in the country can claim that their team tournaments are more competitive or draw fields like those do on Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend.) This has been proven over the years as he and his partners have consistently finished in the top 10% of competitors.

He shines when relying on his own expertise however and has proven that time and again while competing in regional draw or Pro-Am formatted events. A row of plaques from the major tournament circuits hangs as testament to this, as well as Angler of the Year designations in FLW and BASS events.

A respected competitor, skilled angler, friendly personality, team player, and independent go-getter; these are the traits of a successful competitive angler. These are the traits found in Professional Angler Stephen Johnston.




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